How to Counter Sylvans

why PLANTS always cancerous.. first it's the wood boy with bamboo engine.. now it's sylvans with rose lover.. sigh.. even tho irl, plants are the most gentlest
I guess you're new, Naturia was first.
I also assume you have little knowledge about plants-type in TCG.
<< Anonymous
I guess you're forgetful, the first plant ever to become cancerous (if we are to understood the term in terms of overwhelming usage) was Jerry Beans Man in Order-to-Charge beatdown decks.



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I meant the qualifier, bein on the top 500 regoional will give you a qualification to the next WC...
if you want to roleplay atleast try to be accurate and not this cancerous gay trash
On the konami login page nothings happening when i try to login or try to recover my password or ...
plis give us pawaa bondo
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