Blair Flannigan

Evil Rick
lol, pretty obvious her unlock event will be coming on February around Valentine's day XD
Yeah, especially with how everything about her revolves around Maiden of Love.

Konami completely ignored her Mystic cards XD
<< Anonymous
Well Maiden of Love and its support is straight from the Tag Force games.

Mystic Egg and Mystic support has not been released, nor has it appeared in any video game.
<< Anonymous(homo)
Konami still could have released and expanded on it in real life before putting Blair in.
<< Anonymous
Amusingly, she does have voicelines for all her Mystic cards.....except Mystic Revolution for some reason.

Unless Justin Taylor just forgot to include it in his video.
<< Anonymous
Wait, nevermind, I just missed it. Checked Justin's video again, and Mystic Revolution is one of the first few cards.


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I imagine it would be more Backrow focused with Veil, Spear, Helm, and Break Sword
Dark Magician revival?
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