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If this is a 5.5, may as well change Two-Headed King Rex's rating into 5.0 or lower
Change King Rex to 3.0!
Nameless Fharoooh
This card is as good as Hammer shark and 1900 dino couldt compare with. However Dino deck with OTC quite good too.
<< Anonymous(Nameless Fharoooh)
Hammer Shark is significantly better than this card because of its ability to swarm the board with Yomi Ships, Needle Sunfish, Lost Blue Breaker, Star Boy, and Beautunaful Princess (with an ideal hand you can get 3 beaters on the board turn 1). Hammer Shark has an entire Tier 1 deck built around it and Uminotaurus is just a mediocre beater with a ok at best effect
<< Anonymous
Thats why they also bring Legendary Ocean in the trader, so that you can special summon this monster easily.
<< Anonymous
legendary ocean is bad tho
<< Anonymous
A Legendary Ocean is actually one of the best WATER field spell we have in the game, besides Umiiruka.


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Not an anime deck, but it is a hugely popular meta deck in OCG/TCG.
You forgot about adding this icon
I love how Rosemary ignores Sphere Kuribohs and Kiteroids. Shame Aromages aren't strong enou...
You’re fair, asking for the Destiny Heroes that actually can be added, such as Dragoon D En...
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