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Ill blud of insect type.
Except it not destroyed when gigaplant destroyed
A nice card for both insect and plant decks
<< Anonymous
since this is gemini , its difficult to use , same with Ill Blud not used in zombie meta deck
<< Anonymous(Kaien)
Not really. Il Blud is not used because most Zombies special summon themselves, not other Zombies. (We need Zombie Master....)

Gigaplant on the other hand, has ways to be Special Summoned. Then you can Normal Summon it to get its effect in the same turn.
<< Anonymous
not enough zombie support now, gozuki's friend not yet come

special summon with rose lover then you can special summon other boss moster

i like gigaplant at gemini deck


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Use spell/trap removal or something like Karma Cut
Amazoness Ra works too. Just keep banishing his monsters and destroying his S/Ts with Amazoness ...
I feel the sane way when gnat happens to me. This duel was so intense I couldn’t see your m...
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