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This card is kinda brutal... but I bet it won't be easy to summon nor consistent enough.
It's easy to summon if you have Double Coston. You could also have Deep Sea Diver to add EB Immortal to your hand. My thing is, is what i said below about 3 card zones and the fact you have to leave a Field Spell on the field plus, targeting up to 3 cards you control to return to your deck.
There is always the mausoleum route
I made a deck with 3 gold sarcophagus, escape from dark dimension, 3 mausoleum and a field spell skill to summon EB immortals lol
<< Anonymous(L)
Not worth that 2k LP loss. At any rate, you will only gain about 2000atk from it's effect and without getting rid of a Field Spell and unless your opponent relies on cards effect that requires it to stay in your hand.
<< Anonymous
You can use Tea's skill to negate the cost. Personally I would go with trap monsters as one you can use to take the place of two monsters so only needing 2 monsters on the field and not 3.
<< Anonymous
I don't think you can, since it doesn't sound like a cost.


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It is 2021 but Invoker, Darklord & BE are still alive. If Shiranui can be hit with four limit...
Lol, her dialogue isn’t the beat. Your losing scene sounds dumb.
Here take antidote nurse, and tlakaeel as event rewards and memory crusher as lvl up reward -K...
and later the same players wants a nerf to their principal counter, as always.
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