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I believe that Duel Links actually follows the OCG Rulings and thus she can attack directly regardless of opponent monsters. Pretty sure my VW tag deck (Fusion tag to bring out VWXYZ with just VW and another monster) only works because of that.
Here's the issue:

Japan used to have a ruling that said that a Defense Position Rampart Blaster could only attack directly if the opponent controlled no monsters, while the TCG ruled the opposite. The TCG later changed it to the Japanese ruling, so the rulings became same for both the OCG and TCG.
<< Anonymous
......But then, more recently, Japan has changed their ruling to allow Rampart Blaster to attack directly regardless of opponent's monsters, thus the ruling conflicts AGAIN.
<< Anonymous
Basically it seems OCG and TCG branch never talked together about how she is supposed to work
Yeah, the Konami page for this box lists that Rampart Blaster can attack directly regardless of opponent monsters.
<< Anonymous
Let alone talk, TCG and OCG branch never made any meet ups.


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How the hell is this broken @@@ avoids almost every ban list? Ban this already konatards!
They are sad tryhards, its not fun, don't deceive yourself(s).
When was there ever strategy in duel links lol? and of course you use the same strategy if it wor...
to explain a popular one such as Red-Eyes Slash Dragon. requires "Red-eyes black dragon&qu...
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