Alexis Rhodes

Why doesn't She have beatdown as skill? :D
Zane lover
That is just i think!
First i was wish that she can learn Restart skill but unfortunately no.
as well as Balance is working good in me!
I'm more disappointed she doesn't seem to get Life Boost Alpha, despite getting the BOTH of the worse versions of Life Boost (Beta and Gamma).
<< Anonymous
Playing Aromages would have been great with her if she has Life Boost Alpha, but I guess I have to do it with Balance instead.
<< Anonymous
And now they nerfed Balance into a trash skill.

Great, now Alexis is a useless character -_-

No good skill, and her signature Ritual deck is now almost unplayable due to everything important getting semi-limited....
<< Anonymous
Zane lover
so sad,but you can play Amazoness with her and the skill is Balance,as i will do (:
Angels had their good time already, you have to evolve and play some other decks, maybe even create your very own meta deck, that would be the ultimate goal imo. I mean, why not?
<< Anonymous(Nagi)
So what meta decks have you already created?
Relax !, I just said it was the ultimate goal, yep, in my opinion ofc. Which means I'm still in the process to acomplish such task bud ! ( ᐛ )و



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soooooooooooo how is this not premium?
Come on guys you have to bring dm characters such us solomon muto, noah,Marik and from gx atticus...
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