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You can now add Wrecker Panda to high score decks for those who have the card. With Wrecker panda you can permantly increase panda's attack by using its card effect of sending cards on of your deck to the graveyard to gain permanant attack bonus. and then equip it with fairy meteor or ceal bow for 9999 damage. Last but not least replenish your lifepoints using solemn wishes. You need about 23~25 cards in this deck to pull it off without decking out or sending wrong card to the graveyard. This deck is a bit risky but if you manage to draw the magic and trap cards correctly you should be able to score average 6000 points. Here's my deck example:
I want to also mention to stack this deck with lots of high level monsters, such as lvl 8 and lvl 9 monsters and keep the ratio of high level monsters to spell/trap high.

I would recommend running two equip with two solemn wishes (or two healing spells) in case you send one of them to graveyard due to bad draw/deck order.
Recommended skill for panda deck are draw sense: earth and draw sense: low level.
I recommend running only 1 panda (for those who have two or more copies) to lesson the chance of panda sending another panda from deck ro graveyard, which is not good.

The stand by phase right after you summon panda is important too, as the effect and monster level determines how strong panda can handle one turn.
After first stand by phase, every subsequent standby phase use panda's skill. Power panda up until you cant use anymore LP and then wait until you draw a LP recovery card before boosting again. My average boosted attack is about 10000 (with bad draws leading to 6000 at the worst case scenario).
Like all decks, if you get back draw and bad card sent to graveyard, it is no guaranteed win.
Screenshot of high score panda and equip spells in hand with solemn wishes on field.
Mr. Moto
Yes!! Finally someone posts a deck based on Wrecker Panda! This was the card I wanted more than anything when I saw its effect and I got one. I tried to make a deck designed especially for Panda but mine sucked. Thanks for the post, fellow duelist! :D
Sorry I'm new but what is that spell card after cosmic queen?
Card Trader plus Solemn Wishes and Wrecker Panda equals GG!
<< Anonymous
Golden LadyBug,gains you life points each turn(that's your turn and opponents turn as well)
<< Anonymous(KingOfWalls)
ladybug only works in your turn, but id change the monster cards to higher ones, like gate guardian, a good addition would be enraged battle ox and marie the fallen one


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