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Oh and yeah this is technically generic. Darklords having more than Desire for spot removal, but now Spell Speed 2? Spellbooks teching Spell Absorption so Fate doesn't have to "carry" as much? Vampire comeback attempt (probably not)? Parasite decks trying out something new to be even more annoying?
Nothing better to do than trash talk? This originally followed thoughts about the card in relation to Aromage, but that post vanished (probably too long).

This was an "afterthought" kind of post. As in, just throwing ideas for the heck of it. Not saying "yes do this". Question marks denote that you morons.
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yea nice guuys gimmmy sum flame war flame war is coool i luv flamware
<< Anonymous
The first reply is right adding this to any of those decks is a waste of time just play literally any generic destruction spell/trap way less set up same results. That being said the Darklord idea isn’t bad but that’s only if there trap card wasn’t limited to 1


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Fair decks? How many of the decks are "fair" in this game? Cards of Consonance, Star Se...
It is 2021 but Invoker, Darklord & BE are still alive. If Shiranui can be hit with four limit...
Lol, her dialogue isn’t the beat. Your losing scene sounds dumb.
Here take antidote nurse, and tlakaeel as event rewards and memory crusher as lvl up reward -K...
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