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I'm not sure how to combo this card yet?! Any ideas?
Basically it makes REBD and BEWD immune to things like Daedalus for one turn if they're special summoned. You can also do a combo like: send face-up dimension gate to the graveyard to summon a token, bring the banished monster back then tribute both for a BEWD. Pretty darn good card.
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So basically, Kaibaman decks now have a huge advantage against decks like Daedalus, XYZ, and Nepthys.
Search for a Divine Dragon Lords deck on YouTube. You will get an idea of how to better use Felgrand Dragon along with Guardian of Felgrand and this card. Felgrand Dragon can be obtained from the dragon structure deck.
Its really good rn with the new structure deck and the older felgrand support ;)
When this is on the field, summon Paladin of Felgrad to fetch a dragon, then send that dragon to the grave using Ruins to create a Token, then sac the token and paladin to summon any high level dragon from the grave.
Also you can use the token as a target for Dragon's Rebirth. And in the future use the tokens for XYZ summon.
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You cant use token for XYZ summon


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Lol I run two of them in my deck
Dimensional prison wipes this card and the monster equipped to this easily but if its a ancient g...
You are an American? Better look closely at what is happening in your own country. Because it...
This card is perfect for taking down cards like obelisk since it targets your monster instead of ...
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