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Planet Pathfinder is better. Yes you have to tribute it but it's easier to get 3 copies of that
You don't want 3 copies of Planet Pathfinder.
Running spell "Demise of the Land" better.
<< Anonymous(Dier)
Way too conditional. There's no guarantee your opponent will special summon anything.
<< Anonymous
Yeah but if your playing pvp then their most likely gonna speical something and most decks run some sort of extra deck so its bound to happen sometime
<< Anonymous(Dier)
Its not bad but conditional and useless if you got the field spell first. As for pathfinder, you could still use it as a deff position monster. You could still set this card as an imposing move.. making your oponent use a spell removal card to get rid of this 'useless' card.


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^ Imagine the Konami employee who reads this and tries to convince the team to implement that
No, select Darkness Dragon or Metal Dragon. It would make much more sense.
It's not the same thing. Those were 2 completely different events. They had no similarities ...
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