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Boxman 17days ago
Why konami bring back the old boxes so fast? Its supposed to be discontinued. And they bring back the boxes in less than 2 mths? Its like eating their own words, I guess they will often do flip flop action from now on?
Anoymous 17days ago
You do realize that they give a message about it right? They said it's for Korean players.
Boxman 17days ago
Yes they mentioned koreans requesting it. (Favourism? Just coz kr request and they break the rules?) The point is they rerelease discont boxes without a valid period. Koreans requesting for it, imo isnt very valid. The whole game server get to buy again not?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 17days ago
Also for balance reasons for people wanting to compete in that Duel Links event at Worlds. Kinda important to have a relatively even playing field for a tournament setting.
Boxman 17days ago
I agreed with you for balance. But I don't like the way they discont things and rerelease again in a small time frame. They can use any excuses they want to rationale the cause. Imo its very unethical biz decision, making people rush to buy packs.
<< Anonymous(Boxman)
Trist 14days ago
You just sound salty as hell because they decided to be fair to the new players my dude. How would you feel if we didn't get the game until 4 months after it dropped and found out we couldn't get 100+ cards that our opponents had?
<< Anonymous(Trist)
Boxman 13days ago
I didn't say don't ever rerelease the old boxes again. But the time frame is too short. Its suggesting to us its a money grabbing decision. They can do this again in future.
<< Anonymous(Boxman)
Anoymous 11days ago
obviously its a money grab. its a company with a product. the only reason they do anything is for money. if you dont like it dont support it.
<< Anonymous
#fundamentals 9days ago
business is rarely ethical, that is common sense. products are made to be sold for profit. that is business 101 lol
<< Anonymous
Boxman 8days ago
That's why we are discussing this. We should at least bring to attention some of these unethical practices. It may not do much but it may serve as record.



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Also if I am not mistaken, Double Summon by itself should allow you the ability to tribute summon...
"Nutrient Z can only be activated if you are about to take at least 2,000 damage or more, ei...
Sounds like a best case scenario. They have no way of stopping monster effects and Curse of Royal.
exactly, and the damage will feel as a direct atack anyways lol
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