King of Game decks [Oct 1 ~ Oct 22, 2018]

Hope they never touch Anki or d-heroes they are just ok and also many love that deck
Yeah, ikr...
pay 2 win :)
If you guys are implying that deck CAN'T BE built with gems alone, then you are pretty much wrong because I did.
Anki 4 life
HEROs are just like Sylvans and Fur Hires. Skill HEROs are cancerous as well.
<< Anonymous
Just ok my ass they, all OTC deck should be stopped.
Many people play D-heroes and love it, you can't just shit on others asking for stupid nerfs all the time. It's just not nice.
<< Anonymous(lel)
meh, let's be real here, anki is one of the decks that is quite above the f2p line.

like, you either don't have those 2-3 copies of cosmic cyclone that it needs to be highly competitive, or you had incredible luck of the draw, or you poured all the gems you ever got into this deck exclusively.

I'd stick with fur hires and amazoness for f2p decks before testing my luck with this one...



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Just hope oneday someone will do KoG, without UR/SR trap and spell cards because I am boring meet...
Funny that you think the world is against you first before you think that maybe you are just bad.
No one said it was hard,retard, but rather time consuming. Learn how to read.
It is ironic because these are speed duels but when playing against this decks, it takes forever....
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