KC Cup: 1st Stage [November 2020]

All of a sudden my deck started to brick on level 19...
You don't have enough mainbox UR in your deck
<< Anonymous
Correct, a deck with 13 box URs can just win so easily.
I have that same problem. Got to lv17 and all of a sudden for the next 10 matches I always went first and always brick with all 3 lunalight fusions and a cosmic cyclone for my opening hand.
Just gave up trying after that.
<< Anonymous
On my side I just AFKed my matches and ended up getting a few AFK victories.

At least I was able to enjoy some YouTube videos while still receiving some gems rewards.
I also bricked even more with my f2p super heavy samurai deck, I'm stuck in DLV 15


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Speaking of girls, Gamea made a mistake with one of Kaito's level up rewards, because he doe...
It has been confirmed in game. We get him in late February.
Machine Duplication can help. You can also use Shining Angel, Sangan or Witch of the Black Forest...
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