How to beat/farm Alexis Rhodes Lvl 40

Im gonna freaking cry, spent 3600 gems on the crimson kingdom pack to get paladin but got the buster blader fusion monster THREE times instead ARGHHHHHHHHHHH
I feel you but that's very normal, Paladin is UR , BB is just R. And the gems you spend is not near half box yet. It's just 3-4 URs with 1/10 chance.
WTH!! totally the STORY OF MY LIFE AS WELL! 2 days ago, "ohh, so they use Dark Paladin to farm Chazz, Alexis, and maybe others.. ok I think I have a paladin before, but eh.. it's white knight paladins that I have. Hmm, so I have to open CK packs.." Minutes later, 2500 GEMS BURNED with NO DARK PALADIN!! (and to think I saved most of it even before GX was out).. I want to cry too.. T_T
<< Anonymous
No mate i mean the buster blader FUSION monster who is also UR, right next to the paladin card, i got it 3 times. The rare card buster blader i packed like 8 times...
<< Anonymous(Zigimaru)
Only way u are guarantee anything is to buy the 200 packs.It could the 1st or the last
I have two of each fusion with 3 copies of both redeyes wyvern and gozuki, but i dont have a single human cyborg
How many SR/UR you get from those 3600 gems?
im glad invested money into crimson kingdom those 80 bucks came in handy for getting 2 dark paladin and 2 bb dragon destroyers
<< Anonymous
<< Anonymous(T_T)
Now we can all agree that the ck pack rng is annoying. I got it after > 50 packs. And I also got my 2nd wyvern in the last 20packs remaining,which means 18x500=9000


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