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Does this card counter Shiranui? If you have 3 of those and you keep chaining it to Spectralsword from the GY. That way you can guess the monster's level.
Yes it works very well against Shiranui.

Just send all their their Sunsage to the graveyard, and they cannot use him with Spectral Sword. Then send Shogunsaga saga. They cannot do anything anymore = instant GG.

3 cards like this 🔥 Shiranui by itself. Go farm it now.
<< Anonymous
Thanks for the useful info.

I don't have a lot of gate keys yet. It's a relief to know that spending all my last keys farming the spell card "Extra Gate" will be worthwhile.

Finally a card that will hard counter Shiranui.
<< Anonymous
Who is the idiot who gave this stupid advice to a beginner?

This community is downgrading more & more by the day.

I'm not too used to playing Shiranui but there is a big risk involved in losing 1 resource. They on the other hand can perhaps make use of the synchro in the graveyard.

Perhaps a Shiranui player here could give you a better answer. So, is there anyone who can help this newbie?
<< Anonymous
I didn't really understand why this card would not work against Shiranui.

Can someone please explain it to beginner?
I'm fed up with this P2W deck.

What other generic cards from legendary duelist can help me?
<< Anonymous
It works against Shiranui and most other Synchro decks. But it's a dead draw against some other meta decks. Just keep that in mind.
<< Anonymous
Thanks a lot for the advice. I appreciate it.

I suppose this could also counter neos Fusion, Predeplant, Quintet, Dark Cavalry, Purgatrio, etc.

Unless the opponent is a big P2W who has 3 copies of each.


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