Yami Bakura

does anyone know whether Kaibaman deck is still viable to climb up to KOG? I spent 5 UR tickets getting 3 Kaibaman and 2 BEWD so I want to know if i wasted my tickets or not
BTW i'm still in Gold 2 so I'm kind of a noob
Kaibaman deck cant win other than gold or below.if u want KOG u need to open a lot of boxes
<< Anonymous
lol thanks, I've opened a bunch of Primal Burst I'm going to try making dark world
I've been playing this game for a year and haven't gone beyond Bronze 4.
<< Anonymous
Get some decent cards bruh, start with free to play or minimal gems (Aromage, Sylvans (cancer) e.t.c) but above gold 5 everybody and their mothers plays Sylvans, Amazoness and Noble Knights



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Still no drop claw. Farmed him for more than 60 matches.
Legacy of yata garasu. Requires a SR ranked duels ticket
which shuld i get first? the 1000gems deck or 1000gems packs of Stardust Acceleration?
This skill is heavily bugged. Dragon's mirror should come up in the starting hand (or on 1st...
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