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If you guys don't know, Pegasus and Paradox Brothers are coming out at the gate. Do you guys think they'll do the same for Bakura and Marik? Let us know! Much love, $YRU$
Jack'o x Lntrn
Sup dude! I think you're right! P. Bros and Pegasus were linked together! So I think that that's a possibility!
<< Anonymous(Jack'o x Lntrn)
That sounds cool! I think they should put Panik in the game! And if and when they do the Yami Bakura and Yami Marik available at the gate, then that's when they should put in Marik Ishtar, Arkana and maybe even Seeker!
taikamiya (Dubstep)
Sup guys. I think Marik's coming out in Late November!
<< Anonymous(taikamiya (Dubstep))
Not sure Tai. Hopefully though!
<< Anonymous($YRU$ )
Jeffy Jeffy
Hey guys. I found out that Marik is coming to Duel World in late November as well as Syrus and Zane and possibly Bakura (Normal).
<< Anonymous(Kryofreeze )
Can we get some proof?
<< Anonymous(Kryofreeze )
Its too early to tell Kryofreeze.
It's likely they will. But we just don't know when yet.
<< Anonymous(MachinaBeatz)
Arkana will come, a producer showed us an insane pic of arkana dueling.



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No egyptian gods shall match this card's divinity
The legal version of this card (the one that appears in the TCG/OCG and that will appear in Duel ...
You need to face my burn deck man
Not known yet. When level 50 is released we will know if Ra is a random drop or given to everyone...
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