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I need some help. First of all I want to keep only 20 cards in my deck. Then I would like to hear some changing cards or reseting account (If that's the case) advices
Reset your account. If you're FTP start with Dawn of Destiny pack
<< Anonymous
Y reset? I can see he bought structure deck and I do see some event cards. Remove dm and dm attack, u will have hard time summonibg it in this deck.
<< Anonymous
Yes and exploder dragon. Thats my thought in keeping it simple.
<< Anonymous
Y hane-hane?
An inexpensive Dark Magician combo type deck can be built. Farm for more Dark Magician Girl and Sage Stone. Farm Kaiba or grind on PvP for 1-2 Champion's Vigilance and ECons (destroys Cyber Angels and Phoenix). Keep Magician's circle, go full on Neos and Maiden of the Macabre for easy activation of Circles. Deck is not tier 1 but is surprisingly strong and an economical option to begin on PvP.



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That EX Stamina rolling in the Benjamins by the truckload!!
they keep splashing E heroes in every box.. i pity the poor souls who want to have fun with this...
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