Gem-Knights: deck recipe

I'm confused, I SHOULDN'T use Particle Fusion and three Rubies? Why the hell not? I can amp up ruby to insane ATK strength using these cards, even more so with Master Diamond! And here I thought the only thing holding me back against tougher opponents was a lack of decent staples...
You manage to do that because you're against AI
The Gauss
How consistently can you do that?
Probably not much.

Master Diamond is shit: it needs 3 Gem-Knights as material and isn't even very oppressive.
<< Anonymous(The Gauss)
Someone didn't play in the D.D. Wind & Earth tower it seems

Try calling it shit again after you face a 3200 ATK monster turn 1
<< Anonymous(The Gauss)
I am leery of using Master Diamond, too. But I've been having a blast with Particle Fusion, one polymerization along with Fusion Time! and Elemental Hero Woodsman.



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Bastion's been unockable for a while, and we just got Synchros. Give them some time to shin...
More gold and no UR ticket. Why even bother listing it in the rewards if the odds are so abysmal...
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My pooper scooper
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