PvP Best decks [6/23 updated!]

You guys should really recheck the meta, Gravekeepers, Relinquished, Harpies, and Last Gamble Dester Twister are the only T1 decks, Tea Burn, and Venus are to inconsistent, and statue control doesn't have enough early game to stabilize consistently
The tier list itself hasn't been updated in a bit I don't think.
Why do you think Venus is inconsistent?
<< Anonymous
Because if you don't open with venus on a first draw you have trouble.
<< Anonymous
Not really since Venus decks run vanilla beaters which can be used with OtC if necessary, and 3 E-Cons are staple. Even starting off with a lone sphere isn't too bad if you run WEG
Lol can anyone spot the trash relinquished player that's just butthurt that his relinquished keeps getting OtC'd as soon as it's summoned
agree especially the burn deck
Lol and relinquished isn't "to inconsistent"... i've slayed relinquished plenty with Venus Control...
Inti 21days ago
Actually Relinquinshed is still good and consistent the meta hasn't that changed much.
<< Anonymous(Inti)
Darryn 18days ago
The problem with relinquished is the nerf to switcheroo
Inti 15days ago
They can just use Restart or Harpies Hunting Ground instead.


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Managed to get kog with a variation of this deck. Felt good
Sgt. Electro is in the same pack with Venus, Warm Worm, Golden Apples, Pinch Hopper, Warrior Dai ...
The reason for spirit invitation is simple. Free loss of 500 LP each turn. However I like burning...
lmao Konami is going all-out
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