Duelist Chronicle 5D's: The Three Emperors of Iliaster

The only thing I dislike about this event is that we got to break Bruno's cool shades once again.
I come to pages of events like these often seeing players who enjoy torturing good guy characters. There’s something wrong about this.
<< Anonymous
Good guy? Antinomy is a f u c king main villain
<< Anonymous
We don't talk about Bruno
<< Anonymous
Kazuya Aoi♥Rana Aoi
Then about whom?
<< Anonymous
In this game he is a good guy. He has fully decided to side with Yusei even with all memories back.
<< Anonymous
if you say he's a "main villain" then you basically are telling us you never watch 5Ds without telling us you never watch 5Ds


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Too bad Rainbow Neos isn't here
we are missing the good s/t support
tenki search rooster, rooster search imagen. fuse into this card
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