Flower Cardian: deck recipe [May 2020]

This deck needs some limited cards, I’m tired of sitting there for 20mins while they summon after summon and destroy all the cards on my field in one turn. This deck is complete 🔥.
P2w whiner
Not all players play p2w deck like yours. So stay calm. Atleast they not using money to win
<< Anonymous(P2w whiner)
Duel links is cheapest card game

cause being a 🔥 in this game is totally free
<< Anonymous(P2w whiner)
this is not the point. the point is this deck is too slow to play with. Boring 🔥
Oh hello P2W player. That's a nice board you have there. It would be a shame if something were to happen to that board.
<< Anonymous(BlackRossDragon)
You better get ready, I'm going to put a big turd on it.


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I mean yes - I can understand, why he got limited. But why 1? 3 would be more than enough conside...
If you use Mushroom Man, Beaver Warrior, Giant Warrior, Axe Raider then you deserved to lose. Eve...
and additional thing.... i was thinking about to include singers in this deck to summon the Arcan...
We will see if it can get back into the tier list.
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