Raid Duel - Dimensional Disaster: Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor

Thanks god this event ends soon......... though we'll probably get a rerun in 15 days or so
More like in another month or two. Don't jinx us. I'm bored of this diva raid duel. Like my post on this page where someone commented, they gave us a raid duel just to unlock Yugi which was not needed at all. It could have been a different way to unlock Yugi
<< Anonymous
Boring event!! More boring when it set on specific card to deal multiple dmg. hope next event will have 90 turn like tower event. i want break my records high effect dmg 61 700 one hit
<< Anonymous(anonymous)
D.D. Tower is also very boring. It's just another "Click on Auto-Duel every few minutes" event.
<< Anonymous
boring bcuz u auto duel. u have nothin to aim.

player profile
high attack : 10 500 000
high defense : 76 700
high effect damage : 61 700
most recovered Lp : 287 100
high battle damage : 52 500 000

break all those with your best records then send screenshot.

compare with mine
<< Anonymous(anonymous)
Why should I bother? It's completely pointless.
<< Anonymous(anonymous)
wait a minute. i got idea for mine recovered Lp.

after use willpower rising 500% 4 times.

play mystic box, activate draining shield, then summon blue eyes 2500 atk.

hurm i can achieve new records hehehe


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Unlocked this fag and he talked for 15 minutes without letting me skip the dialogue... I don'...
Did not happen. It was just some fan fiction from 4chan and you know it.
This game has been on a decline. Not many people been playing
I bought the Reinforcement of the Army bundle but the card is not in my inventory...?
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