Hands based on money spent?

Just rocketed through Plat 1 to plat 5, destroyed every cancer red eyes and pheonix deck thanks to perfect starting hands. Have only spent $6 on game. Rank up match to legend 1, using restart, both hands are total bricks. Draws are horrible, I can't play anything. This happend 5 games in a row. Is this shit really basted off how much you spend? Seems like it. Sucks that this game is pay to win now, not based on skill at all.


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Actually bad hands have nothing to do with money. However on some instances a single deck may not always get you an evenly distributed hand (reason why balance is an actual skill)' check your buimd an ensure you dont overload on dead draws.
you see being cocky and so conceited makes RNG-sus angry and thats why he gave you bad cards
I wouldn't be surprised. I quit the game since, but back when BEWD was a great deck, I would almost always get 3 Kaibaman with 0 BEWD or vice-versa and would never draw the other. I didn't spend a single cent on the game.
yo my money has so much skill. KoG pineapple redeyes so good hands
You've seen the shit the AI tries to do with cards right? Theres no way the game understands the combo pieces or what cards you need to draw for situations. It's all just BS luck my friend, bricks happen. Thats yu-gi-oh.
how dumb do you have to be to think that lmao
no, it's all rng.
but here's quick way to win:

1. learn disconnect technique from japanese cheater
2. use modded apk like every losers doing
just download a mod apk if you want to win thats what I use
yes, yes it is! I spend $500 on this game and always get a perfect starting hand! No skill needed what so ever as long as you play Red eyes deck and decks with 20 UR cards

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Summon all 3 gods with no tributes at all. Go. Shut up nothing impossible retard
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Why 3x Gaia?
There should be a comma after "this." You idiot.
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