How to beat/farm Seto Kaiba Lvl 40

Anonymous 12days ago This is a REALLY cheap farming build for people that don't have Dimension Gate or Destiny Draw. Basically, Kaiba can't get over Labyrinth Wall with anything else but D.D. Warrior. Canyon + Goblin Thief means that Kaiba will kill himself if he rams D.D. Warrior into Labyrinth. Alternatively, using three Goblin Thiefs, or a combination of Goblin Thief and Kaiba using Twister causes Kaiba to not have enough LP either. Kaiba never destroys Canyon with Twister unless it's already set. Never set 3 Riryokus because Kaiba will just deck you out if he can.
Anoymous 12days ago

Proof. Haven't gotten any Wingbeats or Vigilances but I now have 3 E-Cons thanks to this deck.
<< Anonymous
LittleGiant9 11days ago
Pretty innovative, 6k-7k assessment point is decent. However it is still pretty dependent on getting your defensive tech early on. Great alternative nonetheless :)
<< Anonymous(LittleGiant9)
Anoymous 11days ago
Yes, you can definitely brick. I've tried a lot of different card combinations and found that 3 Thiefs and Canyons is the most consistent. However be my guest to try out other things like Planet Pathfinder, Hinotama, Ultimate Providence, etc. I'm considering trying Good Goblin Housekeeping.

I probably have about a 75% win rate. The draws in this game are wacky and I have drawn 3 Goblin Thiefs.
JDV 10days ago
Sry, but for me it don't work. 3 try's an no success:-( kaiba kicked my Canyon with twister
<< Anonymous(JDV)
Anoymous 10days ago
This deck definitely DOES work, so I would implore you to keep trying. It's important to try to maximize the amount of cards you can draw before Kaiba is able to defeat you. Sometimes the deck is more reliant on Kaiba's hand than yours. There's no easy solution to Twister but Curse of Royal or Ultimate Providence is your best bet if you want to try.
<< Anonymous(JDV)
Anoymous 10days ago
Kaiba is definitely the hardest LD to farm so it's pretty hard to find a 100% farming method, however I like that almost all the cards in this deck are fairly easy to get and felt any deck that has a decent success rate against Kaiba is worth it to share.
sym 10days ago
thanks this is EXACTLY what I needed
Anoymous 8days ago
how do you deal with Econ if you cant draw Riryoku Field before that?>
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8days ago
Kaiba is pretty weird about using his E-Cons sometimes so it's kind of just a crapshoot. You can try using Ultimate Providence or Spell Vanishing but I find that these cards kill the deck's consistency. Basically you just hope that triple Seer helps you find the cards you need. Jar of Greed or Goob Goblin Housekeeping are also possibilities.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 6days ago
Ultimate providence wont work on DD effect, also he twists fast my field, the worse issue is Econ if i dont get defense in the first hand, kaiba farms me with 3k damage in last hit, and i tried it with 350 white keys, only farmed him once with 6k score
Phil 5days ago
Excellent deck
I don't have Gate, but using it with Union attack x3 plus Garal, and hinotama instead of goblin because I only have one lol 3 shard of greed to bait twister and we not Vessal for monster, somehow he never use twister on canyon or the equip card at the end, (had UP ready with dead canyon usually ready)
trying to find a way to manage life point, likely via mirror force
<< Anonymous
Phil 5days ago
That's the question to every farm deck with Kaiba man, 3x RF and a couple Ultimate Providence is imo the best bet, and great with the Canyon combo because often you'll have read canyon or damage spell in hand (i.e.: goblin or hinotama)
<< Anonymous(Phil)
OP 5days ago
Providence is probably the best bet, it just really stinks because you're already sending two cards back to the deck to get out LW. Been trying to cut down the cards needed to OTK to maybe add in E-Cons or something to help avoid D.D. or E-Cons early game. Something I've been thinking is scratching the Canyons to stop worrying about Twister and just trying to deal 1500 damage to Kaiba ASAP.
<< Anonymous(Phil)
OP 5days ago
I've also tested Xing Xhen Hu successfully, but only once, and it does heavily lock your field because you really don't know if you've locked Twisters, E-Cons, or even Cost Down. I figure that a consistent build is much better than a high scoring inconsistent build and LW definitely has the ability to get it done, even without Gate.


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the drop rates are sure wierd, there is one who commented on getting most the the SR/UR except DM...
Lol, show off
Yes but you need to properly ritual summon the relinquished first.
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