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Osa sama
Zzz another useless DM character. GX need more update like zane,jesse,kagermaru,fujiwara etc -_-
Agree especially Zane and Jesse leaked already posted so release both immediately as unlock character event
<< Anonymous

I agree, release zane and jesse to unlock. They already appeared in the game but it was not to unlock. So let's go, release Zane and Jesse soon.
I'd really like to see Nightshroud from season 4 be a legendary duelist. The version that played a Darkness deck... Maybe Darkess Destroyer for his signature monster?
<< Anonymous
prefer red eyes darkness dragon
I want supreme king to use evil heros.
I want Zane and atticus (nighsroud) unlock character
Yeah, let's include Fujiwara, a duelist with literally 3 cards that actually exist (and the only one that was truely his is probably beyond Duel Links' current power level). He also has no obvious niche they can use to pad his cardpool like Espa's Psychic monsters.



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You can't win against the demigod
Yubel 132
i dont care what you guys say this card is female! FEMALE
Only missing Hero Blast now.
Not if I put some bait for it first :) And lets be honest u guys allways buy it :)))))))
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