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Do you really need 3 copies of this, or 2 are enough? (I have 2 Kizan, 2 Shien and 2 SSU).
You can, but why would you not want an extra pot of greed?
<< Anonymous
I was thinking that 2 are enough in a 20 card deck, plus you may have a high chance to start with at least one in you re hand at the beginning of the duel.
<< Anonymous(Someone)
I am using Stardust Charge Warrior as well because of 2 reasons:
1) it can draw one card when he is special summoned;
2) it can attack all the special summoned monsters that my oponent has.
So yeah... I think three is a bit too much because you want to end the match fast, not frustrate you re opponent.
Yep, 3 copies are needed
Yep 3 are optimal


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