King of Game decks [August 2021]

Thank you admin for posting my Fortune Lady deck. It is my first KOG.
Anoymous you really managed to full kog with this deck? Or you just used it in your last game to kog? Also why 3 every? Is that important? Why no black rose to combo with fortune vision? And.. obnoxious celtic guardian?
<< Anonymous
Yes, full KOG from Platinum. I use 3 FL Every because I dont have others good synchro such as Vermillion, Harpie, Black Rose. You can use another good synchro monster. I use obnoxious because I dont have any good trap. You can change it with floodgate etc. Luckyly, obno can save me when enemy high attck try to defeat me. And another luck for me, at Legend 5 my opponent almost are Legend 1 and 2
<< Anonymous(Heaven)
the problem is the meta became faster with cards that easily removes it.1 year before or half the meta was slower so u could get away with it but now you will be bombarded with xyz effects or other snycro effects like harpies.
<< Anonymous
obnox is not worth the summon or set .most players wont attack into a set card but will try to remove it to be safe.they will only attack into it if they think its necessary.sam d destroys it.otherwise they just end the turn without attack most likely and wait for the next round
<< Anonymous
Yes, you right. I dont have any other good card. You can change obno with other card. I play only 30 days with that account.


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this card is gonna get nerfed
Ok, so maybe I'm just not looking in the right place, but I was trying to transfer my data t...
But he knows flash. This means you can use him as an HM slave.
Pendulum version is trash. Just play swarm combo with Slime-Pendragon-Nighhowl-extra deck monster...
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