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Work around it
Set 1 econ and 1 monster. If he uses fate you can econtake his monster and make him use banish on his own monster. You can also cyclone fate when they put it facedown or in your turn to force them to use it or by hey trunade or use gyoku. You can give them too much targets to fate so they cant fate it all. You can use spell negating cards etc. There are many ways around it. Just need to learn how to work around it.
First, you don't start first.
Second, this resource war you will likely lose. You may have won this one round, but they still can drain all your resources within the next 3 turns.
Don't get me wrong, your tips are super(even got such e-con win), but they have a way to powerful tool with fate.
Especially with this TTH...
About your econ tips, they can also banish your econ instead of their own monster.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Work around it
Also I would like to add that they cant fate (and some other spells) if they dont have a spellcaster on the field.

So killing/facedown swap his monster can give them trouble and slow them down too.

<< Anonymous
Work around it
No they cant banish econ in that situation.

Look at following example.

You have 1 monster and 1 econ.

He activates fate (the card he picks isnt chosen at this point).
Now you do econtake and have his monster.

Now he has to apply the fate effect and there is only his monster on your field that he has to use it on.

Thats a downside of how fate works.

<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Work around it
If your deck doesnt have special summon options to swarm or none of the tools i mentioned, than your chances are low.
Many meta decks have those tools though.

Dont get me wrong btw. I have cursed as well when my first 2 draws didnt provide me the needed tools resulting in falling behind and feeling quite powerless.

On the other hand i have beaten them often too.
There's a problem there. E-Con stays on the field until the end of the chain so they can banish the E-Con instead. Also you will have a clear board if you only set two.


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