Cyberdark Cannon

I cannot take this anymore
Same dude. Been difficult getting that cannon.
Yeah, it'll be like that for a bit, then you'll get 5 in a row like me.
Not trying to be mean. But you need to get at least 30+ for those R and N cards before you can complain about the drop rate.

At least for zane. It's been the same since his first cyber Dragon event.
<< Anonymous
He could have had +30 but traded some at the card trader :o
<< Anonymous
That's what I did as well. Sick and tired of seeing those cards.
I got screwed and blessed. 2 cyberdark and cyberness dragons. 0 cyberdark cannons. My chances of making a good cyberdark deck are gone.


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Unlocked this fag and he talked for 15 minutes without letting me skip the dialogue... I don'...
Did not happen. It was just some fan fiction from 4chan and you know it.
This game has been on a decline. Not many people been playing
I bought the Reinforcement of the Army bundle but the card is not in my inventory...?
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