PvP Best Decks & Post-Banlist Tier List [June 21]

There's NO WAY that Fluffal is tiered. That deck is fun but it's rogue at best.
Thats what they said with Phantom knight and yet...
<< Anonymous
You can't really compare that. PKs have a good skill, good comeback and even better turn 1 options than fluffals.

Fluffals have OTK potential and that's it.
Copus Maximus
They are tiered in my heart
<< Anonymous(Copus Maximus)
Don't worry konami will force a flopffal meta one way or another; broken support, op af skill or just nerf everything to oblivion except flopffals
<< Anonymous
Seriously, this site should remove it from the tier list.
<< Anonymous
Maybe there are some decent Fluffal builds that even have a good and consistent option for going first. But the Fluffal deck on this site is clearly no good example.
Meta slaves should've figured out something by now + it's an extremely popular deck , if sure the deck was tested a lot.

I for one had fun seeing its fans go through all the stages of grief in a span of a week
If konami wants fluffal to be meta, giving us Edge Imp Scythe and Frightfur Cruel Whale would be a good start, so let's see if it will happen within the next 2 boxes
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 28days ago
further Fluffal support probably won't happen until Sora's second unlock event


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Yes i did. Coz gagaga girl can mimic lvl as gagaga magician. The weird thing was that I was able ...
Fossil with no turn 1 at all what they gonna do? summon a bunch of beaters? lol enjoy your flopff...
we are missing the good s/t support
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