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It's impossible to drop this card, i've already spent thousend keys and didn't gotten one... has someona already gotten one? because i've never seen one in a pvp duel too...
I've got one after like 1.7k green keys
I've gotten a lot of these, Weevil just doesn't drop the Cocoon for me (fortunately I chose it as my prize in the KC cup when I ranked just outside 10000 - no UR :( )

Weevil also almost never drops the Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth and Great Moth for me, only got 1 of each.
Me neither i never get this crap no matter how hard i farm
Same thing here. I ended up using my SR from the KC Cup on it out of frustration (although now I wish I had a prismatic ECon). Same problem with Joey's Gilford the Lightning for the longest time, but I finally pulled it earlier this week.
same i have spent months trying to get it i still only have one
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Just got this got and really made my Gemini deck stronger
I actually get these a lot, i just converted 4 of them and still had 3 left


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Megalith 177013
As someone who don't play Dragunity, may I ask what single word ruined this card?
They gave us this and Duos Megistus, but no Tris Megistus and Macro Cosmos haha
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