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African American
Never spent a single cent on this game.
What a true champion unlike some sore losers here.
The only thing they do well is lying and spam trash comments.
i'm f2p as well and hit kog for the first time this season,it might take quite some time being f2p but thats alright since patience pays off.
Same here, no need for cash, just a little time and skill.
I have taught you how to lie well... Quickly! Hurry and spread f2p is still alive so I can earn more.
This game is cool, ppl needs to chill and stop lying.
Have u played Hearthstone or Clash Royal, man those are the clear DEFINITION OF A PAY TO WIN GAME ACCORDING TO THE OXFORD DICTIONARY!
<< Anonymous(dude)
It's funny because its the same person posting in his own post.
<< Anonymous
Yea, ikr bunch of this guys must be working for Konami.
Same here
The big problem with this western community is that everyone is so sh-tscared of failure, and when they see someone who "wins", (even in a game), they try to bash that person, call him/her a cheater, sold out, etc.
<< Anonymous
Please, no stereotyping. I am from the west side of the world (USA) and I just laugh whenever I lose a duel. It is all just a game.
<< Anonymous
Hey! 4 someone who laughs you are a bit too sensitive :p don't take it personally m8
<< Anonymous
Ok. No worries!
Good job! Indeed it is totally possible to hit KoG without spending money. To the sore losers who can't fathom this, git gud!!!
Not here to bash those who cant reach KoG, but when someone succeeds and all the rest hate. Well, gotta say that's very mediocre.
Spending money on a game is not a bad thing, the real deal is HOW you play a game.
<< Anonymous
Loki Gaming
Bro thats true af. I never really choose to go for kog since I'm content with legends. I'm a f2p 70 percent of the time. And I say that just because I have the money but I choose not to use it all the time. But those who do go right on ahead. There's nothin wrong with it. And there's nothin wrong with being f2p either.
^true champ
No complains and no regrets :D
Lol those who vent rage at konami have never playerd blizzard's hearthstone. Oh man, that's pay to win at its best
since they do not have any argument to bash this game, now they try to annoy ppl with their porn pics lol
<< Anonymous
^Wow... frankly man thats sooo lame and immature



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