King of Game decks [Aug 2018]

thoughts and prayers
Konami hats to change a few things... First of all it would be nice to craft some cards like in hearthstone, because there are some Rare's i want but it's not worth to buy packs until i get that. Please Konami find a good solution for everybody (people will still complain about other things but thats none of my buisness)
are you the guy that posted that craft post on reddit??
<< Anonymous
no it wasn't me but it sounds like that guy had some good idea
<< Anonymous
yes but sadly Konami will likely ignore....
<< Anonymous
yes that's true...
I'm guessing their solution was tickets, but the R and N tickets are jokes...
This would be a really good idea to have sent through a survey, Konami won't be searching sites for ideas...that's what the surveys are for. I will be supporting this in my next survey, hopefully more people will submit to increase the number of suggestions and then maybe it will be brought to their attention.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
can you tell me how to send them a survey? cause i want the same thing as the dude said, being able to craft/trade cards. at least cards from old boxes. they could let us for example trade/craft cards from 10 boxes and previous. for example i want sphere kuriboh, blue eyes ultimate dragon and secret passage to the treasure from main box 1 but not enough to open a main box just for these cards
<< Anonymous(Chrisbanlis)
Surveys are sent in-app near the end of a main event. Check your news for any surveys that may appear.



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Kasha won't gain attack from shuffled monsters who aren't Zombies in the deck.
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