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Ghetto kaiba
Had a luster dragon on the field, had blue eyes ultimate in grave yard, and dragon rebirth set. Ended my turn then opponent went, game wasnt letting me activate rebirth, none of my opponents cards had any trap prevention or effects that stopped me from activating rebirth... ami doing something wrong or is the card broken, can someone pls give me advice. Thank you.
how did you get the blue-eyes into your graveyard? fusions can only be special summoned from the GY if they were fusion summoned first, not if you special them in other ways like summoner of illusions, temple of the kings or hex-light effect.
As Akubane said, Fusion monsters are Semi-Nomi by default, if you didn't Fusion Summon them properly first, they cannot be revived from the Graveyard.
<< Anonymous(akubane)
Ghetto kaiba
Yup it was summoner of illusions. I got it in the field that way.
<< Anonymous
Ghetto kaiba
Thanks guys.


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