Duelist Challenges

Yang 12days ago
#2 solution 1. Polymerise the 2 monsters on your field to Darkfire Dragon 2.Use Oops! to destroy Darkfire Dragon 3. Normal Summon CyberDark Horn from your hand, equip with the petit dragon 4.Use release Restraint Wave on Petit Dragon(it is now an equip card for your Cyberdark) to destroy the 3 draining shields on the opponent's field 5. Activate Cyuberdark Impact and summon Cyberdark dragon and equip with Darkfire dragon 6. Kill the Infamous Dyna, Hero fur Hire [Solution achieved in 30 seconds.]
BigBear 12days ago
Osha 12days ago
Thanks a lot, I'm really not good with puzzle ^^
<< Anonymous(BigBear)
Yang 12days ago
Your'e welcome if you found this helpful.
Pik 11days ago
Thanks Yang!
Valensia 11days ago
Actually if you wanna help, u can give hints instead of solutions. Nothing more rogue than spoiling a puzzle with answers. These boys need to use their head, and afterall its not that hard.
Anoymous 11days ago
You save my life for second chance
<< Anonymous(Valensia )
Yang 11days ago
I just want it to be believable for Haters - Sorry if I spoiled it.
<< Anonymous(Yang)
Anoymous 11days ago
Don't apologize. Some of us don't care enough about these brainteasers and just want to clear them, so thanks for the solution. No one is obligated to come here, if someone reads these solutions, it's no longer a spoiler. People come here looking for them.
<< Anonymous
Yang 11days ago
Thanks for you view, but either way someone will complain;(not my first time)
1.No answer [ Transcript: U support Komoney with giving us impossible event and hide the answers / Just admit ur'e high ]
2.Hint [ Some players just complain varieties of complaints that they still can't solve it ]
3.Full answer for 1 or 2 [ Transcript: We don't need your solution ty. Don't be a spoiler]
Anoymous 11days ago
Thank you!



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