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Here's the proof that it doesn't work. I have tragedy face down btw.
and no Electro did not target my tragedy. He just summon that monster that turn he target my Windstorm of Etaqua, hence I activated the card, but my tragedy did not trigger.
well. in rulings. it says
"cannot be activated during damage step" maybe it has something to do with that. just a guess though.
<< Anonymous
electro activate its effect in main phase not damage step
sometimes it dont triger for me too i almost lost my final duel to KOG because this 🔥
Changing to DEF mode has to be the last thing to happen. Tragedy can only activate vs a DEF-mode swap after all, not against a S/T-lock effect such as in this case
your chain is 2, tragedy only work with no chain.


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That was a good one. Made me laugh.
Konami, release ABC please!
Yet they still call it shiranui deck.
since when Karma is limited 2
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