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Funny how everyone has to copy decks off here. No one is clever enough to make up their own individual deck and still win lmfao
Don't be a salty 🔥 ~_~
Omg that is my reason I keep playing. I make all my own decks and whoop ass. Unfortunately I usually stay in platinum, but at least I try and avoid stupid meta decks. like naturia's. .. yuck.
Anoymous gotta give you credits on that man. 90% of kog people would be in silver and gold if this site didn.t exist
My play style is to study opponent(s) decks and create a counter deck that completely shuts down their decks. Take decks like Ritual-based decks. I packed in tons of traps that locks opponents from their card effects and destroy Ritual monsters once they hit the field. I also threw in Armor Break because tgese decks tend to run Fulfillment of the Contract or Ritual Weapon
<< Anonymous
Lol I got to gold in my 2nd day of this game with pumpkingcess beat down.
<< Anonymous
>making counter deck for only 1 deck
>get rekt'd by every other deck out there

Great playstyle bro. Poster boy for gold/silver
That Noob Dude
hmmm so I got Plat 1 with just a raptor deck. Get in some fusions with the field spell and you wreck kids. I got inspired by existing decks but as I am f2p and litterally started 2 weeks ago I do not really have that many cards. It is not hard to get to high ranks in this game because people get their decks from here. So if you really think they get kog cause of their decklists you know nothing
yet here you are, would love to see an original deck you came up with.
<< Anonymous
dark balter the terrible
<< Anonymous(dk)
Player J

Deck improves I have for your original Dark Balter the Terrible Deck.

-Use Skill: Balance
-Remove all Ritual cards + spells
-Remove Sonic Bird
-Remove Senju
-Remove all Enemy Controller
-Add 1x Polymerization
-Add 2x Fusion Sage
-Add 3x Thunder Dragon
-Add 1x Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon in extra deck
-Add 3 more defensive trap cards your choice

This should help your deck out some!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Your Deck List should have the following proportions after the changes!

10 monsters + 5 spells + 5 traps

- Skill: Balance will guarantee your opening hand has:

2 Monsters + 1 Spell + 1 Trap

The 1 spell will always be Poly. or Fusion Sage which can get Poly.

Yeah! I think that is better.


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You do like bondage
Can be helpful if you have extra Glad Beasts in your hand and you want to draw into backrow cards...
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