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What's everyone think of the upcoming new card trader? The way I'm reading it is rotated cards are back and he holds more cards? Anyone feel free to correct my thought train if I'm missing something?
Considering how I already have sets of most of the rotated cards (Big Shield Gardna, which I have 2 of, Obnoxious Celtic Guard, which I have 1 of, and Mucus Yolk and Trap Master, which I own zero of being the only exceptions.), it doesn't really affect me.
Ojama King
new card = rotate, old cards = stay forever
<< Anonymous
wow that took you some time to write a completely useless information and it took me some time to write this also - we good bro !
<< Anonymous
btw meaning frist anonym in this answerset
I hope it means no more rotation, even if it's just for old cards.

....Why do we have to wait until March 28 for this update though
<< Anonymous(Ojama King)
How do you see the 'old cards'?



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Who’s more autistic this guy or the conspiracy guy?
That is, when giant kozaky is in here...
Can't find this card in card trader. What happen?
Read more carefully. It says your extra deck BECOMES goyo guardian.
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