22nd Main Box: Valhalla Calling

BUMP. Anyone have a watt deck recipe?
Watt? I'm afraid Knott.
Maybe once we get more Watt cards. Watt is still missing a few, including some good ones like Wattrain and Wattchimera.
Without Watthopper, Wattcobra and Wattchimera it won't be any good. And even with Watthopper you'd only have one other monster on the field to perform the Watt Lock.
<< Anonymous
Shane there’s no Main Phase 2 in Duel Links, really kills quite arguably the best card in their entire archetype- Wattgiraffe
<< Anonymous
Giraffe would still be a 1200 ATK direct attacker which is great in a format with only 4k LP


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I used Shiranui, need luck to get the red coin toss tho
Yes, just listen to your credit card and make some purchases. Whatever you buy you cannot go wrong.
So bad it's too late for red-eyes darkness dragon, it won't see play. My favorite card...
Then let me tell you that the real life card game, the TCG/OCG version of Yugioh, uses 5 zones in...
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