How to beat/farm Lvl 40 Yami Yugi

Real dumb rookie
NEED HELP GUYS :( According to everyone, I have many good cards here but I cant seem to put my deck together. I cant event farm lv30 LD. Any advices guys :( thanks a lot
To one many cards. Way to many. You will likley not pull the cards you need. Keep it a 20 deck. The amount of UR and SR you have doesn't make a deck good. This is a prime example.
Tf is this
I have so many questions to ask about this deck, but most of all how tf are you planning on summoning Sky Scourge when you have 0 fairies in your deck?
<< Anonymous(Tf is this)
Tf is thik
His deck wack. but how d fyck he get 2 queribos and yet he got a lame deck
your not farming shit with this deck lmao. look above for a good example of a deck
good card collections.Idiot deck and owner
This deck is so good. You're missing your secret weapon though. Add Draw Pass skill to make it truly op.
this is a obvious troll and you all have been jebaited lmao
<< Anonymous
Good call but I wouldn't use draw pass this deck would work best with ojama country skill so switch it over to Chazz, and CHAZZZ IT UP!!!!
totally(not) sarcasm
Dope deck man, mind if I borrow it I was looking for something to take me to KOG
<< Anonymous(totally(not) sarcasm)
Real dumb rookie
totally(not) sarcasm, no you can't i don't lend my decks to weak and useless people, sorry weak person :)



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Just an Aromage deck and tune copyplant with the level 6, lol.
There is no UA nor Mermail so wtf is this post about
What's the best pick with the dream Ur between floodgate (1), Canadia (0) and silent magicia...
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