How to beat/farm Lvl 40 Yami Yugi

Real dumb rookie
NEED HELP GUYS :( According to everyone, I have many good cards here but I cant seem to put my deck together. I cant event farm lv30 LD. Any advices guys :( thanks a lot
To one many cards. Way to many. You will likley not pull the cards you need. Keep it a 20 deck. The amount of UR and SR you have doesn't make a deck good. This is a prime example.
Tf is this
I have so many questions to ask about this deck, but most of all how tf are you planning on summoning Sky Scourge when you have 0 fairies in your deck?
<< Anonymous(Tf is this)
Tf is thik
His deck wack. but how d fyck he get 2 queribos and yet he got a lame deck
your not farming shit with this deck lmao. look above for a good example of a deck
good card collections.Idiot deck and owner
This deck is so good. You're missing your secret weapon though. Add Draw Pass skill to make it truly op.
this is a obvious troll and you all have been jebaited lmao
<< Anonymous
Good call but I wouldn't use draw pass this deck would work best with ojama country skill so switch it over to Chazz, and CHAZZZ IT UP!!!!
totally(not) sarcasm
Dope deck man, mind if I borrow it I was looking for something to take me to KOG
<< Anonymous(totally(not) sarcasm)
Real dumb rookie
totally(not) sarcasm, no you can't i don't lend my decks to weak and useless people, sorry weak person :)



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backup rider targets. you'll still be locked by lost world.
Good Card for synchro summon. But i think we don’t get it
Too slow, but it's a start.
Not everyone as rich as you are.. please suggest some deck that don't require us to throw mo...
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