17th Mini Box: Tornado of Phantoms

This box is not bad at all actually. It boosts E-heroes who already received support thanks to Spunky Jaden event, elemental hero CORE cleans your opponent's field and it's pretty easy to summon tornado with miracle fusion. Not bad really, they could have added Tornado in a Big Box but they didn't. I like that.
You read my mind or something, 'cause I thought Trap Stun is the kind of trap that comes in BIG BOXES and I was pretty surprised when they added it to this box.
<< Anonymous
None of the similar cards were in main boxes, though. Hey, Trunade! was a mini-box. Anti-Magic Arrows was a drop.
<< Anonymous
Heck, Magic Deflector, the same thing for non-Normal Spells is a Card Trader card.
<< Anonymous
The other day I watched a video from Playmaker and the guy summoned 3 tornadoes in one turn thanks to Miracle Fusion.
This Box ain't bad at all, yeah and Stun Trap is really OP; I thought they were going to release it as an UR card, so I'm pretty satisfied.
<< Anonymous
I've encountered quite a decent amount of E-hero TORNADO in the ladder. 7 - 10 deck users so far. It's great if you have 3 miracle fusions.


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Ok, so maybe I'm just not looking in the right place, but I was trying to transfer my data t...
But he knows flash. This means you can use him as an HM slave.
Pendulum version is trash. Just play swarm combo with Slime-Pendragon-Nighhowl-extra deck monster...
No matter how good and balance your deck, brick can turn it to trash
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