Card Trader [4/18 updated!]

Daniel 26days ago
Hello guys. What do you know about the new Card Trader update? They said the old cards will reappear at the CT, but these old cards are not in the "Featured Cards" list. Also the "Required Items" released in the CT, but nothing info about this. I can chose one card and thats all, this options will disappear?
Oldtimer 26days ago
You can swipe left to see the regular inventory. That's where all the oldies at. You can click on a card there and see the required items. Note, these do not show in the featured cards.
<< Anonymous(Oldtimer)
Daniel 26days ago
Thank you very much!
And how many times can i use the "Regular Inventory"?
Only once now or every time when new stock arrive (every 8h)?
<< Anonymous(Daniel)
Oldtimer 26days ago
You can check the inventory at any given moment. The only cards that are going to be refreshed every 8hs are the ones to the right.
<< Anonymous(Oldtimer)
Oldtimer 26days ago
However, when you buy a card there, you'll have to wait till the rest has refreshed. You'll get a sold out notification on the inventory. But the same cards will be there again after it has refreshed.
<< Anonymous(Oldtimer)
Daniel 26days ago
Thank you again. :)
Now all clear.



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