Zane Truesdale

The GX manga Doesn't Follow the anime. Zane doesn't become evil in the manga.
And Duel Links follows the anime, not the manga. Otherwise, Jesse would be using insects instead of Crystal Beasts, Jaden would be carrying a completely different set of Heroes, etc.
<< Anonymous
So yeah, I'm not sure why they mentioned the manga at all in his description, lol.
they pretty much said "ehhhh.... screw GX" because they didnt even finish the english version of the anime, they ended the series one season short
But YOU does, Bakura.
<< Anonymous
Maybe he got confused because the DM side of the game follows the manga (Bakura with 20-sided dice, Pandora referenced his fate in the manga when you unlocked him... although it gave him a happy ending rather than him killing himself, Mokuba's deck was based on his Fast Food Roulette game and he mentioned Capsule monsters, the introduction to new characters literally use scans from the manga...)?



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It’s immune to Econ cheese and opposing otk
Sorry, I wrote chain but I meant after "Mask Change" activation, specifically when the...
look at the f2p version of the deck. You don't even need 2 WoD. 1 is enough.
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