13th Mini Box: Empire of Scarlet

Wise gentlemen
My review for this mini-box: 1. Inzektor: can't compete meta, therefore it's suck 2. Vampire: good art with some hot chicks, but still suck Skip if you're poor and filth f2p, save for next main box.
Just 🔥 and pay Our cards enjoy..
Wall of illusion with spikeshield is fun tho
Lmao "filth f2p" xD
such a wise gentleman you are. this is the 🔥tiest review i've ever read. while probably still no worth going after, vamps combined with some old zombies like samskull and gozuki are a spell/trap negation mechanic away from being fur hire 2.0
<< Anonymous(Konami)
Poor f2p guy
Konami buff gems i need em pls


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it's only pay 2 win if you want every specific newest and most meta card's immediately,...
to explain a popular one such as Red-Eyes Slash Dragon. requires "Red-eyes black dragon&qu...
I'm not saying those guys aren't relevant throughout history. And yeah, Mai has also go...
how the heck you got it from a shiny sr ticket and what do you mean by shiny sr ticket cause s...
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