Aster Phoenix

Why the Aster hate?
No hate from me, only LOVE. However, he does not seem to be a very popular duel links character, imo. I hardly ever run into him in pvp.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
I use Aster in PVP, with D-Hero deck.

And probably it's the same reason why people doesn't use him, since that it is quite predictable that you are using a D-Hero/ Masked Hero deck when you use him as a character. Probably because of dark city skill.

Very rare I encounter people using Aster with a non-D-Hero deck.
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
I use d-hero/masked hero, Amazoness and Sacred Phoenix with him. The day befote yesterday I ran into someone using spellbooks with him.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
If you use destiny calling, all you can do is hope your opponent has already used or won't get some spell removal. With balance being nerfed, there aren't really any good skills for him, so unless someone really likes him, they won't use him. At least I really don't have to worry about mirror matches.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
I used balance for my D-Hero deck with 10 mons, 9 spell & 1 trap.

It works wonders, I always get 2 mons + 2 spell in starting hand. but now that balance has been nerf, need to think about using a different skill
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
I used balance for my amazoness deck with 10 monsters, 9 traps, and 1 spell. Always got the perfect starting hand. But now it sucks. I am just using draw sense dark in the hopes that I can at least gain some advantage by getting vision hero witch raider out faster if I brick with a hand full of traps.
At what stage do i get to duel him lvl 30? I already have a mission to do that..but didn't unlock lvl30..
<< Anonymous
I am not sure. It is easier to find them at all levels when they are at the gate. All you can do is keep completing the stage missions and checking. When you do duel him at lv. 30, get ready for his clock tower prison. It can be a headache.
<< Anonymous(Valencia )
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Agreed like why not at least limit mask change
I guess burning each other in the first turn with bamboo ftk is fun right?
Anone anone You can beat easy koaki with burn deck :3 kuriboh will be a mvp for defense and BU...
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