How to beat/farm Zane Lvl40 (Roaming Event)

The cyberdragons drop rate on this guy is fukin trash. Hit 9k every duel with him yet never seems to drop the cards i want. Still haven't gotten zwei or repair spell card. And his appearances seem to be limited even when you duel other people.
same case with me T.T
I got almost everything all except that repair spell card. Such a pain to get all so close to getting everything then... only repeats of those I already have. Guess the drops are very inconsistent indeed :(
<< Anonymous(V1perMcKay)
So far only 1 repair plant and 1 cyber dragon. Just hope they relaunch the event when Zane is unlockable
Same here, except with Laser Dragon. I have every other card but ZERO Laser Dragons... it's definitely a weird drop rate.
<< Anonymous
Hahaha laser dragon.. I have 3 basic + 1 prismatic. But shitty drop for others
All I get is rares and gold. For the people who actually have most of the SRs, which deck/who did you use? Jaden and Alexis haven't gotten me much.
<< Anonymous
its all rng bro doenst matter who you used or what deck you farm with its all rng i was like this a couple day ago but i just keep farming i already got all 3 now you just gotta keep farming the event end 16th still got time
<< Anonymous
no it does, you cant get 8K with garbage or non farming decks. and when you have 4 of every SR and UR but not one single of one its pretty bullshit
<< Anonymous
Same here.



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still better than epic yugi
Handsome Stan special mission is such an ass
wait, did you just summoned a bunch of monsters in a single turn?
Also it's a generic synchro, just that it's a plus.
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