Duelist Chronicle GX: Society of Light [Feb 2020]

Azure Vengeance
He Killed his all-mighty and only "Father" And replaced him
Plasma deck is still good but kinda expensive, u need to play it with mecha phantom tokens and summon it asap
I haven't seen GX in a while and for a second I thought Aster (Edo) used to have a bow tie instead of a regular one
In the manga, the plot was a little more "explicit"
<< Anonymous
In the manga Chazz was also more relevant than Aster. Quite cool how manga and animation always have different timelines
very interesting
reminds me of the DM manga in which Bakura kills the creator and steals the millenium eye
<< Anonymous
manga was dope


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Ban this card. It's too strong. I always win when my opponent plays it.
it's no lie, you can make ez gems in kc cup. if you don't wanna engage with the game an...
Can’t help but feel this archetype works better as an engine in hybrid builds rather than a...
Am I the only one experiencing problem with returning Spell/Trrap to hand..Apparently its not wor...
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