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I think there is a glitch that can be used with this card or this player, named l.k., hacked something. I sat a sylvan mushroom on turn 1, he played no cards on turn 2. I attacked with w. carrot on turn 3. Turn plays plasma ball, then plays photon booster. Next he equips backup rider, then plays cosmic cyclone, losses 1000, and destroys backup rider. Then he plays photon booster again. He attacked and it did 7000 worth of direct damage. Photon + backup rider is the hell did he double his attack? How would two photons do that? Either the card is glitched or this l.k. player has hacked something. But, more weirdness, I was then given Dlv 17 for only 2 wins with 2 losses immediately after playing this guy.
Hmmm...backup rider is not even an equip card...this was certainly a hack or possibly even someone at konami themselves.
Either you have a dream or mistaken or you did face a weird hacker
did he used rex? there's a skill called titan showdown which doubles damage to player with higher lp
The guys using Titan Showdown


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Atticus with a few descent red eyes skills?
Evil heroes.... Aren't they called VILLAINS?
Congrats! What is your decklist? Any different techs?
Does this card's effect works with fusion tag? For Dark Magician Girl Dragon Knight for e...
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